Case Studies

Mr & Mrs A:- They required finance very quickly in order to pay some urgent commitments. Unfortunately due to personal circumstances, a conventional mortgage was not possible. After a detailed discussion it was established that an Equity Release mortgage would be the most cost effective solution. Unfortunately, due to the death of a family member, this option no longer became possible, so an alternative was required.I therefore recommended that a bridging loan would be the only other viable option. After extensive research, one lender was found who agreed to lend on what were very unusual circumstances.

Having obtained the lenders agreement to proceed, this should have been downhill from then on. In fact this then became the most protracted conveyance I have ever dealt with. Various obstacles had to be overcome before the formal offer letter was issued & then finally the loan completed.

This was without doubt, the most challenging loan I have had to arrange. At all times I reassured my clients that I would get them the money. Through dogged determination & excellent negotiating skills, I was able to deliver on my promise.
This loan has been a life saver for my clients & demonstrated the benefit of using a good IFA.


Mr & Mrs B:– This was a particularly difficult mortgage to arrange. My clients travel extensively. Although they maintain a UK base & an investment property here………….they are hardly ever here! They wanted to release equity from their investment property. There were a number of obstacles to overcome with this case, from getting forms signed, providing proof of ID to getting a lender to actually consider this case!

A number of lenders were approached & declined to lend. My clients were becoming very anxious that they would not be able to raise the money that they desperately needed. The conventional approach was not working. The solution was to “think outside of the box”. By being creative in my approach & refusing to give up on what appeared to be a hopeless case, I was able to obtain the mortgage offer. This money will make a real difference to my clients living standards over the coming years & their ability to enjoy the rest of their retirement.


Mr & Mrs T

This proved to be a most challenging piece of financial planning. The clients wanted to purchase the residential property where they were currently living. They had a sizable commercial cum residential property which they had designed & built themselves as their main asset. However, this was on one freehold & had a large commercial mortgage secured against it.

The object of the exercise was to refinance the commercial building in order to get the Bank of my client’s back, while still raising enough money to complete the purchase of their dream house. By using my skill & experience, I was able to secure a favourable commercial deal for the building, raise a buy to let mortgage on one of their apartments within the building & then to secure a mortgage offer on the house. Straight forward it would seem. However, many hurdles were placed in our path. Accounts, which were less than favourable, a building which needed to have separate leases created to facilitate the sale & refinancing of the various units & a house which was initially valued at zero, yes zero pounds………………due to a particular type of cladding. It therefore took a lot of negotiating to persuade the lender to “take a view” on this. Fortunately, they did & an offer was forthcoming.

I would have to say that this piece of mortgage problem solving, was one of my finest moments!

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